FIFA 17 Revealed Its Story Mode at E3

It is at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is commonly called E3 that the FIFA17 trailer was unveiled. E3, as we know, is a trade fair for the gaming industry where video game manufacturers and publishers from across the globe come to showcase their merchandise.

It was at FIFA 17 E3 that the new Story mode introduced in FIFA 17 was unveiled. At the E3 press conference, it was told that FIFA 17 is an attempt to make the virtual world look as real as possible. This year’s version has introduced the concept of managers too, which was missing in all earlier versions. It was made public in FIFA 17 E3 that this year’s version will see four managers, which will have Jose Mourinho from ManU and Wenger from Arsenal.

Since the trailer for FIFA 17 was released by EA (Electronic Arts) in June, there has been a lot of curiosity among the gamer community. The trailer is mostly knitted around a character called Alex Hunter, who wants to play for the big club Manchester United. So, the story revolves around how he made his way to the English Premier League. He is shown in different moods – with his family, being chased by an agent and also in a clash with the other player. The developers have tried their best to make the gamer experience the struggles, the thought process and journey of a player in the real world through this story mode.

There are scenes of the locker room, player’s plane, manager’s office etc. to make the experience very close to that of the real world. FIFA 16 was the bestselling video game in the UK on Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It helped EA to post a net profit of $1.16 billion on its books. It is always difficult to get users to buy the new version of the game every year. In other games, the developers have the freedom to experiment with many new things like moving to new worlds, but in the world of football it is 22 players and a ball at the end of the day. All innovations need to be done only around it, which is a tough job.

The developers have played a big gamble with this story mode ‘The Journey’ this year. They have tried to let the gamers experience the life of a footballer both on and off the ground. Will it pay or not will be evident only after 29th September when the full version will be launched worldwide? Till then, it is only a guessing game.


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